Hte Application means the opening of the Aung Bar Lay Hte from hundreds of branch sold lottery tickets purchased on the internet. We take responsibility and give the gurantee for Aung Bar Lay tickets that are purchased from Hte application and lottery has been available only on numbers.. Only those who buy lottery numbers by Hte account will be the owner of the original Lottery. When lottery results out, lottery prize or award to be issued a ticket system.

Let use Hte Application to win 1.5 billion prize! Hte Application Lottery collected are selling with 1000 kyats per ticket.


No lottery, no need to wait lottery seller, can buy lottery tickets anywhere from the internet.

Our lottery tickets will maintain insurance so that do not need to worry lottery tickets are lost or damaged.

No need to take reward by yourself and we have free shipping ,if you win the lottery.

If you want to reward the Lottery without extraction, you may take your win ticket(s).

In terms

We take responsibility that sold in Hte Application lottery tickets, .

Hte Application User must have his or her account and Password security.

If you want to redeem the reward or prize Lottery yourself, you must bring Hte account name, the original or a copy of ID card.

If win users cannot extract theirselves,your bank account or the ID card number will be sent via bank reward. (Will not send any except the prize-winning ticket.)

Purchased lottery tickets from hte application is not allowed to bring lottery tickets before lottery result out, only that it was out, lottery prize tickets will be issued.

Exit lottery tickets lottery will be maintained for 1 week. If beyond that time, the old tickets will not be issued.

If Hte Application occurred any controversy ,the Hte Application will officially determined.

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